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Apply online for up to 2,000 euros, fast payout | with and without KSV

Apply online for up to 2,000 euros, fast payout | with and without KSV

Here you will find an online comparison and background information on small loans . In addition, we highlight the two companies Cashper and Cashpresso, which are represented on the market .

  • Online Comparison Cashper and Cashpresso
  • background knowledge
  • Cashper (up to 600 euros despite KSV entry, with successful repayment 1,500 euros in the follow-up loan )
  • Cashpresso (up to 1,500 euros cash or 2,000 euros online shopping)

Small loans are particularly suitable for students and apprentices who need quick money for small purchases , but still do not want to or may not take a larger loan. Unemployed people may also receive a loan here – in contrast to other bank providers. This comes at a price: High cash interest rates and high fees in addition to Cashper’s interest. The details can be found in the sections of each provider.

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  • Installment loans (up to 65,000 €)
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mini loans at our partner Smava.

What is the KSV?

What is the KSV?

The Credit Protection Association of 1870 (KSV) is a private, leading creditor protection association of Austria, with the aim to protect economic operators from financial damage and thus to promote their liquidity.

The KSV offers international business information, debt collection services or representation in insolvency proceedings. 70 percent of the economic information is already retrieved online.

(Source: Wikipedia, 2017)

Therefore, those who have negative KSV entries will generally have a harder credit. An exception is Cashper. If you have a KSV entry, you may still receive a mini loan here. Test yourself if you receive a small loan …


Interest rate & costs at the provider Cashper:

Interest rate & costs at the provider Cashper:

  • The borrowing rate is a maximum of 7.95%.
  • If a term of 60 days is desired instead of a period of 15 or 30 days, 39.00 Euro will be charged extra.
  • You will receive the first reminder from the due date with a payment period of 7 days.
  • For the first 3 reminders per € 10.00 charges.
  • After 3 reminders additional collection costs may arise.

Interest rate & charges at the provider Cashpresso:

Interest rate & charges at the provider Cashpresso:

  • The borrowing rate is 14.99%.
  • The repayment can be flexible, but amounts to a minimum of 5% per month and a minimum of 20 euros per month.
  • There are no additional costs for the loan (exception dunning fees).
  • Before a reminder, there will be a free payment reminder.
  • For each reminder and return debit 2,50 Euro are required.



With a small loan you can, for example, at short notice your

  • Balance account ,
  • finance a holiday or a friend
  • Repay money .

On the pages of Cashpresso you can find more information and can request the financing of your shopping wishes:






The loan application

The loan application

At Cashper, you can apply for a loan within 10 minutes and the amount of money will be in your account within 7 days. The condition is that you are 21 years or older and have a permanent, registered residence in Austria. In addition, your monthly, regular net income must be over 700 euros. The entire application process runs online. It is also possible to withdraw the loan amount within 24 hours.

The cost of a 24h payout is:

  • 39, – for 100-199, – loan amount
  • 69, – for 200-399, – loan amount
  • 99, – for 400-600, – loan amount

The loan conditions

The loan conditions

The conditions for this small loan are very simple. There are 7.95% interest, but no further fixed costs such as account maintenance fees. If you want to repay 600 euros after 30 days, you only pay 3.78 euros interest on your money.

  • 7.95% interest pa
  • Without fixed costs

The loan installment and repayment term


As a rule, a single installment will be due after 30 days. However, if you want to pay back in 2 installments, you can pay half of the small loan after 30 and the other after 60 days.

The surcharges for an extension of the installment are staggered as follows:

  • 30, – installment fee for 100-199, – loan amount
  • 35, – installment fee for 200-399, – loan amount
  • 39, – installment fee for 400-600, – loan amount

Online credit experiences


Our editors themselves have tested the entire process from taking the loan to repayment. We recommend the Cashper loan to those who do not receive credit by other means and urgently need it. The best way to repay the money is after 30 days without paying in advance within 24 hours. However, if you need the money urgently and can pay back only after 60 days, you must expect the above-described surcharges when applying for the loan. After 60 days, the amount should be paid. Otherwise a dunning procedure threatens.

  • 600 Euro or 1,500 Euro immediately to your account
  • Repayment in the best case favorable after 30 days
  • Attention: After 60 days the loan should be paid, otherwise dunning fees threaten!

If you are interested in a personal consultation or general questions, you are welcome to contact us. On request, we can also contact you by phone.

Note : Existing customers can borrow up to 1,500 euros from Cashper!



The loan application


At Cashpresso you can open an account on the internet within 10 minutes and have your small loan paid out. The loan commitment will be made directly after you have submitted your request. After opening it is possible up to 2,000 euros immediately to purchase products in online stores. The application process runs completely online and post-ID procedures or other complex applications can be completely dispensed with. All you need is a smartphone, Internet access, a webcam and your identity card or passport – also for contract signing. The identity is determined by video identification, the contract is signed by electronic signature. For this you forgive a password and confirm the signature by SMS-TAN. Then you can always access your account via app.

  • 2,000 € (shopping) or 1,500 € (bar) in 10 minutes
  • Online application




The loan conditions

The loan conditions

The conditions are very simple. There are 14.99% interest pa to pay. There are no fixed costs such as account maintenance fees. Cashpresso thus offers overall favorable and above all transparent conditions. Therefore, a cash-desk loan is suitable both for short-term purchases, as well as generally a supplement to the Dispo.

  • 14.99% pa
  • without fixed costs

The loan installment and repayment term


Monthly installments of 5% of the amount paid out (at least, however, 20 euros) must be repaid after the month of free months. However, it is also possible to pay off a higher amount, for example the entire amount. For this you can change the repayment installments with the help of the Cashpresso app. Thus, the duration can be made variable.

  • Rate 5% or 20 € mtl. payable
  • complete repayment at any time

The follow-up loan

If a new mini-loan is needed or the credit line has to be increased, then you can always withdraw money (immediately). Anyone who has to pay 1,000 euros to Cashpresso, for example, can take out a loan for another 1,000 euros at any time. The conditions remain the same and the monthly rate increases accordingly.

  • repeated payout possible
  • maximum 2,000 euros (online shopping) or 1,500 euros (cash payment)

The difference to the normal bank loan

Not needed – as usual – a proof of income or bank statement. This makes an online loan with cashpresso possible without any major circumstances. The walk to the bank, a refusal after all the effort or the scanning of the documents fall away. During the registration – after your agreement – the creditworthiness is automatically requested.

Security in turn is ensured by video ident, SMS TAN procedure and password dialing. After 5 minutes of inactivity, you must also sign in to the app again. A change of your data – with the exception of name and date of birth – is also possible at any time with the help of the Cashpresso app. The use of the app is like the entire account for free.

Online credit experiences

Online credit experiences

Our editors themselves have tested the entire process – from the application on the Internet to the payment of the loan amount until repayment. All the processes described above, the terms, terms, special payments, costs, etc. correspond to 100% of what Cashpresso promises. Ideally, the credit of Cashpresso, if for a short period of time a loan is needed, for example, until receipt of the Christmas money. Of course, the loan can also be used to easily raise money from home for the new TV or the new Playstation or to compensate for the Giro account to avoid the high interest rates.

  • .2000 euros immediately for online purchases
  • Repayment variable

On the pages of Cashpresso you can find more information:


Where can I compare loans over 2000 euros?

Where can I compare loans over 2000 euros?

On our pages you will also find an online comparison with loans up to 65,000 euros. The payment of the money is usually done within a few days.

Mortgage Interest Rates Comparison 2019 – Construction Loan Offers

A recent comparison of mortgage interest rates in Austria in 2019 is particularly useful, since even small differences in interest rates and fees in the long term can save a great deal due to the high loan sums and long-term financing of a construction loan.

Current Building Finance Get Offers – Free Consultation

Tip: Take advantage of the experience of the experts of Interhyp Austria and get free current offers to make a mortgage interest rate comparison in Austria.

What do you have to pay attention to when it comes to the interest rate on mortgage lending?

 What do you have to pay attention to when it comes to the interest rate on mortgage lending?

  • Key interest rates – To which interest rates is the interest payable (for example on the euro interest rate swap, Euribor, secondary market yield, …)
  • What is the premium (interest margin) that is payable in addition to the selected interest rate?
  • Limitations: Will the amount of the margin be limited in time?
  • How often the adjustment of interest rates (see interest rate clause)
  • Is there an option for a fixed interest rate (planning security!)
  • Important for mortgage lending Interest Comparison: What is the actual effective interest rate and the total charge (all payments to the bank)
  • How high are the fees?

Where can I get the cheapest mortgage?

 Where can I get the cheapest mortgage?

This can not be answered in general since this depends on individual factors such as the property to be purchased / built, creditworthiness, duration, income and other factors. In order to get the cheapest mortgage lending in Austria you should pay close attention to all details and additional fees in addition to the mortgage interest rate comparison.

The more quotes from different banks, intermediaries and mortgage lending experts get you the better. Also get a comparison offer from your house bank!

Credit advice – Independent offers received: To compare real estate loans online or to receive current offers for free we recommend the free and independent and non-binding advice from the experts of Interhyp Austria!

Home loan interest rates: The current interest rates on the market are low, so it may be worth choosing a fixed interest rate to guarantee these low interest rates for the next few years.

Express Credit in Austria – Fast Online Loan Allocation

Sometimes situations arise in life where money is urgently needed. This can be the case for quite different reasons. Often it is the small ups and downs of everyday life that bring you into a predicament. Further illustration at

Loans with Quick Commitment & Fast Payout – Online Loan Offers


To speed up the process of an emergency loan, the following documents should already be available in the form of a data copy:
Compare Current Loan Rates – Free Loan Calculator


Thus, the much-needed vehicle may suffer a defect and expensive repair will be required or costly purchases will be made, as various circumstances have led to damage to the house or apartment.

No matter what it is, many people can not finance such expenses out of pocket, so only a quick loan can help here. Such a loan is called a rush loan. But what is to be considered in this? Where are there hurdles and stumbling blocks that must be circumvented or eliminated? How can such a request be made and which other factors can influence the award in the end?

What is an Express Credit – A Definition


An urgent loan is a loan that is usually disbursed immediately. This means that between application and transfer and only a few hours pass. In addition, the express transfer procedure is used for this purpose. With such, the money enters the account of the borrower within only 30 minutes. Here, however, a clear demarcation must be created.

An urgent loan does not have to do with an instant loan, even if it is promised by some providers again and again a very fast payout. In the case of an instant loan, only the commitment for the grant is made on the spot. The payout can then take up to three business days. An urgent loan must therefore always be marked as such, because only then the money is available in a very short time.

Issue of urgent loans – What is important?


Basically, an emergency loan is applied for just like any other loan. The only difference here is that today all the sequences are done directly over the Internet. This is from the application, over the examination of the credit rating to the identification of the case.

The latter does not take place here with the process of the Identbriefes lasting several days, but by means of an on-line offerer, which carries out the identification directly by webcam. The approval or rejection of such a loan takes only a few seconds, because the entries of the KSV are checked immediately when the application is submitted, so that the borrower can be notified immediately a result.


Important: compare loan terms exactly

  • valid identity card or passport
  • valid employment contract (unlimited)
  • Account statements to prove the receipt of money
  • Revenue statement to confirm the address data
  • ideally evidence of collateral

The examination of the documents can take up to one hour after receipt. Express loans have priority here, so they are marked as particularly urgent.

The original loan agreement will be sent by post, but only after the fact. However, a digital copy can be downloaded in advance from the server or it will be sent by e-mail.

What conditions does the borrower have to meet?


Special terms apply to an express credit. Since there is no possibility of a more thorough examination, all loans of this kind are treated as risk loans. Thus, the borrower must have a flawless credit rating. This means that no negative entry may exist at KSV. If this is not the case, then each urgent loan is usually rejected immediately.

Depending on the amount of the emergency loan, the bank may require special collateral despite its good credit rating. These include savings accounts, real estate, vehicles or jewelry. Their existence must be proven before the institute. While this is rarely required in the credit check, there are still some doubts, such hedging, if any, can further accelerate lending.

In any case, the borrower must have a permanent job without a time limit. All fixed-term employment contracts are hereby excluded, as there is a risk that the installments can no longer be repaid from the date of termination. The only exception is when the repayment date of the loan is within the fixed working hours. In addition, the income must clearly exceed the attachment exemption threshold in order to be able to have a seizure of the salary in an emergency. This amount is determined individually depending on the amount of the loan.

It is virtually impossible for self-employed people to receive an urgent loan. This goal can only be achieved if the necessary material security is available. These may not be borrowed and must therefore be owned by the borrower. Of course, over a period of three years, the corresponding income must be proven in the account. In addition, the tax returns of the past three years must be submitted to the bank.

Express Credit Provider – How can these be found?

Express Credit Provider - How can these be found?

The best way to identify providers of urgent loans on a credit comparison. Here all offers are compared and listed, so that the most important conditions can be compared quickly. In addition, the user also receives an overview of the interest and other conditions, which can make the decision at the end significantly easier.

A good provider in this context is, for example, the Santander Consumer Bank. This already offers the express loan for an interest rate of 4.5 percent, whereby this does not depend on the creditworthiness and is fixed over the entire term. In addition, there is a term that can extend to 120 months, with a maximum loan amount of 65,000 euros. There are no additional fees, however, in the case of an early repayment of the sum, a prepayment penalty must be paid, which may amount to up to 5 percent of the balance.

BWAG PSK can also offer a special express loan. This is awarded at a credit-based interest rate of between 5.3 and 14.3 percent. This can be a maximum duration of up to 120 months. The maximum loan amount is 50,000 euros. The account management must be paid with a fee of 9.90 euros per month. Further fees are not applicable, but there is also prepayment penalty in the room should the amount be repaid early. In addition, an optional residual debt insurance can be taken out here.

Erste Bank and Sparkasse are also prepared for an urgent loan. This is awarded here at an interest rate between 5.4 and 9.8 percent. He also depends on the creditworthiness of customers. The maximum term is, however, only 84 months, but also only a loan amount up to an amount of 30,000 € is awarded. There are no fees and there is no prepayment penalty if the loan is repaid faster.

Express Credit – Alternative Providers and Risks

Express Credit - Alternative Providers and Risks

Even credit intermediaries now and again offer express loans. However, these are given on the same strict terms as is the case with the banks. Since it also applies here that they are risk loans, a reference from abroad as a Swiss loan or in other forms is not possible. Banks do not have enough time to review and usually reject such sensitive deals.

However, the interest rate can sometimes be cheaper than a normal bank, because in order to differentiate themselves from their offers, the intermediaries often lower interest rates. However, this is precisely where the risk lies, because these are risk loans, so the interest rates are usually set higher than normal loans. Therefore, especially customers who choose a long term expect that they will end up paying more for their money.

Payday Loan Application

Do you have new projects that require borrowing money? Do you want to buy a new car? You want to build your house? An unexpected event may have happened in your life? Maybe you just want to offer the wedding of your dreams? More of this story:

In any case, a loan application seems necessary! So how do you do at Jean Des Esseintes?


At Jean Des Esseintes, you can apply for loans for all sorts of credits. We offer installment loans, consumer loans, but also loan pools and microcredit loans. Thus, you can finance the purchase of a vehicle, pay you a holiday, build a swimming pool, carry out work in your house or replace your washing machine that has just broken down … In short, you will find a suitable solution to your needs and your expectations.

In concrete terms, how can you apply for a Jean Des Esseintes loan ?

In concrete terms, how can you apply for a Jean Des Esseintes loan ?

At Jean Des Esseintes, we do everything to simplify your life. So, to make your loan application , you have several possibilities. You can choose to go to the nearest agency and ask to speak with a Jean Des Esseintes advisor. You can also reach us by phone. But the simplest and most effective solution is online loan demand . Here are the steps to follow. First, choose, through our credit simulator, the amount of the loan you need. Then select the monthly payment you want to pay on the second line of the simulator. At this point, you already have an idea of ​​the amount to repay based on the length of repayment and the rates we apply. Once done, click on the green “Apply Online” button. You arrive on a page with a form to fill. You must provide the requested information as it will be necessary for the analysis of your file and loan application . You will then quickly receive an answer in principle.