A recent comparison of mortgage interest rates in Austria in 2019 is particularly useful, since even small differences in interest rates and fees in the long term can save a great deal due to the high loan sums and long-term financing of a construction loan.

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What do you have to pay attention to when it comes to the interest rate on mortgage lending?

 What do you have to pay attention to when it comes to the interest rate on mortgage lending?

  • Key interest rates – To which interest rates is the interest payable (for example on the euro interest rate swap, Euribor, secondary market yield, …)
  • What is the premium (interest margin) that is payable in addition to the selected interest rate?
  • Limitations: Will the amount of the margin be limited in time?
  • How often the adjustment of interest rates (see interest rate clause)
  • Is there an option for a fixed interest rate (planning security!)
  • Important for mortgage lending Interest Comparison: What is the actual effective interest rate and the total charge (all payments to the bank)
  • How high are the fees?

Where can I get the cheapest mortgage?

 Where can I get the cheapest mortgage?

This can not be answered in general since this depends on individual factors such as the property to be purchased / built, creditworthiness, duration, income and other factors. In order to get the cheapest mortgage lending in Austria you should pay close attention to all details and additional fees in addition to the mortgage interest rate comparison.

The more quotes from different banks, intermediaries and mortgage lending experts get you the better. Also get a comparison offer from your house bank!

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Home loan interest rates: The current interest rates on the market are low, so it may be worth choosing a fixed interest rate to guarantee these low interest rates for the next few years.

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